Comprehensive French Immersion Program in Toronto

Children who are eligible for Junior and Senior Kindergarten, and who are at least 3 years of age are eligible to join our French Immersion program in Toronto. French is the primary language used in the room, and as the student's level of proficiency in comprehension and oral communication increase, so too will the amount of instructional time in French increase.

At the LeRoux Froebel Bilingual School, we are well-committed to offering your child with a comfortable place to learn and incorporate French into their vocabulary. Every student we get is treated with equal importance and are taught to respect others.

The benefits your child will have from learning French:

✔ It’s a growing language and it’s supposed to be the most widely-spoken language in the world by the middle of this century. This is because, in many parts of the world, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and even China, it is a language that people widely use.

✔ English and French complement each other because of the number of French-origin words already in use in the English language. Learning French would therefore allow your child to understand English better.

✔ French is the official working language for several international organizations. Your child can one day be practicing international law or even be a diplomat!

Small Class Sizes

To ensure a fun and positive learning experience for all, this group size is limited to 10 students, with one Registered Early Childhood Educator and one assistant.

Being bilingual builds a new perspective in children. It also facilitates children to open up to different social and cultural environments. It can also improve their competitiveness, ability to be open to new opportunities, problem solving and multi-tasking skills. Enroll your child with our French immersion program in Toronto and help your child grow!

Hands-On Learning

Children learn best through play and hands-on activities in a stimulating learning environment that accommodate their needs and facilitate their growth and development. Individual, small group, and whole group activities are the teaching norm.

At our French Immersion program in Toronto, instruction in English reading and writing is a component of the program. Report cards are distributed in February and June.

To schedule a tour or register your child, or to learn more about our bi-lingual programs,please call us today!

Registration and Fee

The non-refundable registration fee of $100.00 is a one-time fee for the duration of the child’s stay in the school. Holidays or absences throughout the year are not deductible from regular monthly fees.

Registration: Adobe PDF Form | Word DOC Form

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